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Ghost Recon Online Wii U

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1Ghost Recon Online Wii U Empty Ghost Recon Online Wii U Wed 21 Mar 2012, 2:01 pm



I found this on, I too am looking forward to this game. Very Happy

Ghost Recon Online First Impressions

Ok, let’s get one thing out of the way first. I LOVE the Ghost Recon games. I like all of the Tom Clancy games, but the Ghost Recon games really do stand out for me. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of these games, but they are the only games I genuinely get excited for when it involves militaristic shooters.

With that said, Ghost Recon Online is going to be a Free 2 Play game, and it’s in its beta stages right now. I signed up for the beta, I managed to get a hold of a key, and now I got to play a bit of it. To be honest, I really only got to play a couple of matches, but these are really just my first impressions on the game. And, quite honestly, from what I’ve played, I’m a bit on the impressed side.
A Ghost Recon Game

The Ghost Recon games have definitely evolved through out time.

The Ghost Recon games have definitely evolved through out time. It started off as a VERY tactical shooter. You were sent out on a mission with a group of squad mates you got to pick. You planned out everything for the mission, and you followed closely to that plan. It was definitely a game for the tactical mindset. But, after that game, there was a huge shift in the whole gameplay experience, and the Ghost Recon games would then follow a little bit more on Ghost Recon 2. What was a first person tactical game became a third person, some what tactical game, but with a lot more action. This was actually the game that got me started on the Ghost Recon games. It stood out to me for having a really fun multiplayer with a solid singleplayer campaign. And then, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter came out in 2006, and many people claimed that game revolutionized the whole modern shooter, with cover mechanics, an intuitive interface, and intense firefights.

We've come a long way from this!

The thing is, the series was always moving forward, and that’s very much the case with this game. It does have its core Ghost Recon mechanics. It’s an overhead shooter, there are cover mechanics, and it’s interface is very much like from the one in GRAW. And with being a Ghost Recon Game, it’s a little more than just running with guns blazing. Actually, if you do that, be sure to pack a neon sign saying “shoot at me!” in bright red letters, so you can hold it up to speed up the process of you dying. Anyways, what I’m trying to say here is that treating this game like a run and gun shooter is basically going to get you killed. There’s a little more thought behind the game, but it’s not like it’s exactly a game that’s also going to take a lot of skill, because, thankfully, this game is also really accessible.
The Actual Game in the Game

At first look, this game looks like another one of those militaristic shooters where you pretty much just go around shooting people, hiding behind cover, and doing so before the round ends. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s another one of those militaristic shooters where you pretty much just go around shooting people, hiding behind cover, and doing so before the round ends. But, luckily, the game is also done really well. Sure, maybe the industry could do well if we had less of those kind of games, but this one’s alright and it’s going to be Free 2 Play, so there ya go.

Yay! More cover-based shooting....

it’s refreshing to control a character that moves like an actual person.

What I really like about this game is that this has the best controls so far in a Ghost Recon game. In the GRAW games, your character was a bit on the slow side. Moving him was almost like controlling a tank. In here though, the character is very quick and responsive. Your character can run, slide, hit up against walls, roll around, take aim, and it all feels so smooth and connected, I don’t even remember if I felt this much at home with any other shooter. Ok, that’s stretching it a bit, but after going through a lot of Ghost Recon games where controlling your character felt like going through a list of commands on a DVD menu and your character taking a bit to respond to you in the first place, it’s refreshing to control a character that moves like an actual person.

Besides the really great controls were presented with this game, your in for some really cool gun action. Cover plays a part in this game, and I honestly thing it’s what makes the game fun. Love or hate the cover mechanics in games, but in a game like this, it works. Your character moves well enough that it’s never a chore using cover.

This guy, on the other hand, just looks like he likes to look at walls.

If I had to complain about something, and I do, it’s that there’s the ADS feature. Basically, what happens is that you can zoom in by right clicking. The perspective switches from third to first with your gun held up to your face, and I don’t think this was exactly a smart thing to do. When I saw the gameplay footage, I thought it looked cool, but it’s ultimately kind of worthless and the transition feels kind of weird to. It doesn’t exactly make the game worse, but it’s a little bit off putting.

This shot looks like it came from Call of Duty.....or Battlefield.....Actually, almost every other modern shooter out there these days.
Some other things as well

So, it’s been getting really big for multiplayer games to focus on improving your character with better guns, armor, ammo, gadgets and this game definitely shows no sign of us getting away from that any time soon. Not that it’s exactly a bad thing though. With this game being Free 2 Play, what better way then to keep the player coming back?(Seriously, I would like to know so we can try something else for a change, post a comment to give some ideas you might have)

So, with every kill you get, you get points, and you can use the points to buy stuff. You can buy add-ons to your guns, like scopes and those holo-sights, you can buy armor, and other cool stuff. I think you can also skip ahead the whole points thing and buy the stuff with real money, so if your are a part of the impatient sort and you like to burn money for a living, then you’ll probably have everything before you even start your first match.
Bottom Line

This looks like a fun little game that I don’t really think anyone is going to have a problem with. It’s going to be Free 2 Play, and it does look worth checking out, especially with it being free. And, for what it’s worth, it’s the first militaristic shooter in a while that hasn’t frustrated me to the point where I wanted to throw my computer out the window. So, this is definitely a game I’ll be looking at in the future.

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