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Games that defined the systems

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1Games that defined the systems Empty Games that defined the systems Sat 27 Oct 2012, 10:12 pm



What games were the must-have titles for any given system? One per system.

My list:

VCS - Jr.Pac Man
INTV - Lock n Chase
5200 - Space Dungeon
CV - Turbo
NES - Arkanoid
7800 - Food Fight
SMS - Castle of Illusion
Genesis - Ecco the Dolphin
SNES - Donkey Kong Country
Sega CD - Popful Mail
32X - Kolibri
Jaguar - Tempest 2000
PSX - Ridge Racer Revolution
Saturn - Nights into Dreams
N64 - Mario Kart 64

2Games that defined the systems Empty Re: Games that defined the systems Sat 27 Oct 2012, 11:01 pm



Hmm, going with original releases my list is a little different for the systems that I have:
2600 - Stargate (Defender II)
INTV - Bump'n'Jump
5200 - Kangaroo
7800 - Commando
Jaguar - AVP
Lynx - Klax

3Games that defined the systems Empty Re: Games that defined the systems Tue 30 Oct 2012, 1:37 pm


Star Fighter
Star Fighter

Really good title selections.

To add:

C64 - Pirates
3DO - Road Rash
DreamCast - Soul Calibur
GameCube - Rogue Squadron

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4Games that defined the systems Empty Re: Games that defined the systems Mon 24 Feb 2020, 1:50 pm



Here we go.  I'm leaving out the systems I can't really comment on.  Also, I'm not going after the best titles so much as the ones that seemed the best specimen for that system.

Atari 2600 - California Games (I was late to the party, but that title screen looked like something from the C64 demo scene)
Intellivision - Major League Baseball (two players, puts all the controls to use)
Vectrex - Pole Position (arcade classic, timing trick to "bend" the vectors, and puts the analog functionality of the original joystick to subtle use)
Colecovision - Donkey Kong (if you've played one CV game, you've pretty much played them all, so this one is the most iconic)
Atari 7800 - Ballblazer (something that doesn't sound like ye olde 2600)
Sega Master System - Missile Defense 3D (maybe I should have left this system out; I went with something that put two hardware peripherals to use)
NES - Super Mario Bros. 3 (probably needs no introduction)
Sega Genesis - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (really the whole trilogy plus Sonic & Knuckles, but this one stood out the most)
Game Boy - Tetris (What else?  Puzzle games were what the Game Boy did best)
Atari Lynx - Blue Lightning (so awesome it was made into a store demo)
Turbo Grafx 16 - Bomberman (5 players was a first here)
Sega Game Gear - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (made the system look like more than a glorified SMS handheld)
SNES - Yoshi's Island (let's be honest; most games were just 2D platformers and not the "Mode 7 showcase titles" they could have been)
3DO - Return Fire (one of the few games that made the system look like more than a CD player with game hardware tacked on)
Sega CD - Earthworm Jim (popular on other platforms, and had a bonus level!)
Atari Jaguar - Tempest 2000 (probably the only released game that deserves any recognition)
Sega 32X - Knuckles Chaotix (put the hardware capabilities to use once in a while, and was probably more fun than most other titles)
Jag CD - Vid Grid (surprisingly fun considering it's a pack-in title, and it's also surprising that Blue Lightning and Myst weren't better) - Henry (that and Lights Out were the only games that really did it justice; everything else was a joke, including Resident Evil 2)
Virtual Boy - Red Alarm (killer app, and also put both D-pads to use)
Sega Saturn - NiGHTS: Intro Dreams (a quirky 3D game that takes a little getting used to, demonstrates that Sega is making some effort to be innovative during this period)
N64 - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (put Zelda back on the map; if I cared about hardware peripherals, I would have gone with Majora's Mask)
Dreamcast - Crazy Taxi (just plain fun, as games ought to be)
Nuon - Tempest 3000 (Yes, I have one.  Shut up.)
Game Boy Advance - Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (a fine specimen of the early units; you had to play in direct sunlight)
GameCube - Luigi's Mansion (The C-stick is analog?  Coulda fooled me!)
PlayStation 2 - Gran Turismo 3 (brilliant graphics, and puts to use that silly Firewire port on the front of the early units)
Wii - Wii Sports (What else comes first to mind for most people?)
Wii U - Nintendo Land (one of the few Wii U titles worth mentioning)
Nintendo Switch - Super Mario Odyssey (Breath of the Wild would have been the "killer app" the Wii U desperately needed; this game really feels like a Nintendo Switch title)

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5Games that defined the systems Empty Re: Games that defined the systems Mon 24 Feb 2020, 7:42 pm



That's quite the list! I've never gotten Knuckles Chaotix for the 32X. I've heard only positive stuff about it so maybe I should get it.

6Games that defined the systems Empty Re: Games that defined the systems Tue 16 Jun 2020, 8:47 am



TrekMD wrote:That's quite the list!  I've never gotten Knuckles Chaotix for the 32X.  I've heard only positive stuff about it so maybe I should get it.

Knuckles Chaotix is fun and quite interesting.  It's got the classic Sonic engine, but now you play as two characters that are bound to one another.  It takes some getting used to, but Sega was wise to put a skippable in-game tutorial at the beginning.

The level progression is different than before.  The whole game has a carnival theme, and you spin a wheel to choose which world you will go to next.  It keeps track of how many stages you've cleared in each world.

There are a couple of bonus stages that put the 32X hardware to some use (besides the scaling effect throughout the stages).  One is an in-stage bonus that gives you a chance to pick up an assortment of quirky powerups.  The other is the end-level bonus where you try to earn one of the "Chaos Rings" to get the best ending.  As in most Sonic games, the bonus stages can get very tough, but there's a Stage Select cheat code that isn't good for anything except to let you practice that one bonus stage as many times as it takes until you master it.

Another 32X game that should have gotten some recognition is Kolibri.  It fits in with the "save the environment" mold of the Ecco The Dolphin games, only now you're a hummingbird armed with one of several various shmup-style weapons.  The music isn't as pretty as in the Ecco games, but the graphics put the expanded color palette to good use.

7Games that defined the systems Empty Re: Games that defined the systems Wed 17 Jun 2020, 9:40 am



Thanks for the description of the Kuckles Chaotix. I do have Kolibri. It's a beautiful game visually and it does have an interesting premise.

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