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Xbox 360 Halo 4 Preview

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1Xbox 360 Halo 4 Preview Empty Xbox 360 Halo 4 Preview Sun 18 Mar 2012, 2:40 pm



Halo 4 Preview
Halo 4 Preview
The awakening of the Cape.

"Wake me up when you need me." These words of Master Chief and Cortana to greet the first end in a cryogenic sleep at the end of the third chapter. Now it's time to wake up, now it's time to go into battle, with the help of 343 Industries in Halo 4.

The departure of Bungie after donating to the community of players of the series with the prequel Halo: Reach, had left a little sadness, a feeling as natural attachment to the character and the series.

Looking now to the future, what fate will be marked to the Halo series in the hands of 343 Industries?
Who are 343 Industries?

Fair question. The team 343 Industries began as a first-party within Microsoft as a support team for the creation of animated scenes in Halo 3 by Bungie. The engine that drives Halo 4 is started to be designed in 2008, a year after the publication of the third chapter. Then he began to have their soul to Microsoft by proposing to exploit the franchise for something new, the real time strategy game Halo Wars, then developed by Ensemble Studio.


In teams, little by little, developers have joined it by experience gained in several other studies, increasing the level of professionalism. They were joined by Rare Neill Harrison, Bonnie Ross and Nicole Makila and Hoop Somuah from Microsoft, Tom French of Pandemic as well as MS, Joe Waters by Monolith, Oh Maggie from Pixar, Corrinne Yu from Square Enix, Kenneth Scott and Nicolas Bouvier by ID Software, Pearson Kynon by Retro Studios, Armando Troisi from BioWare, Sotaru Tojima by Kojima Productions, Kathy Gehrig by Valve, CJ Markham by Rockstar Games, Lani Blazier from NCSoft, Josh Holmes of Propaganda Games and Electronic Arts, RJ Ranola by EA Canada, In addition to loyal Frank O 'Connor, Vic DeLeon and Patrick Gillette by Bungie.
Where were we

The Halo saga began way back in 2001, bringing the first-person shooter genre to a level never seen before with features such as physics, vehicles, but also a beautiful texture and a unique atmosphere that still echoes in the memories of fans. Master Chief, a brave soldier of the UNSC created thanks to a secret project called Spartan II, was saved aboard the Pillar of Autumn from the siege of the Covenant on the planet Reach, a prequel to the events lived through in 2010, made ​​by Bungie. His settlement on the planet, Halo, so named because of its ring shape, it triggers a series of new events, which pass from the attack of UNSC soldiers defend the Covenant to the discovery of the true use of this planet, and his like. He soon discovers that originally had 12, but they were 7. Their purpose, as revealed by the Guardian, is to synchronize a huge shock wave of anti-particle power can destroy any sentient race within a galaxy.


Through the second chapter, which sees Master Chief share the stage with the Arbiter, the story unfolds between the two points of view, that of UNSC soldiers and the soldier's Elite escaped defeat at Halo and branded a heretic by the Covenant, to to meet and clash. The last act of the first trilogy marks a turning point. The Covenant repent and realize that there is a greater threat to them and then team up with Master Chief and the UNSC soldiers to fight the Prophets, a sect of the Covenant, and Precursors, held a kind legend and who created the Guardian. They want to use the Halo technology to exterminate the other races of the galaxy. After a series of bloody battles, Master Chief and his ship are sent to the planet where it is likely to have been designed Halo technology, and to get there, the protagonist is asleep in a cryogenic sleep while his faithful traveling companion, the AI Cortana often called, continues to process data and information, both on board the frigate Aurora Rising.

Halo 4 - E3 2011 Trailer

All our videos are available on 4NewsTV

The basis for a new trilogy

Where were we? Where are we going? Who will meet? The questions arise spontaneously, both fans of the series in the team's intention svilupppo 343 Industries today creating a new trilogy. Master Chief's return to the language is never a simple undertaking. The team started with an important point, remain faithful to the Halo franchise, but adding some useful ingredients to make the recipe more interesting, to tickle the appetite of those who have never tried this dish and cook for us end users so delicious .

Halo 4 - PAX Trailer

All our videos are available on 4NewsTV

It starts with John 117, the Spartan known as Master Chief, beginning to focus more attention on how he lives these clashes, as bears the weight of old events in comparison to the new.


To do this 343rd drew information from all that was not covered in the video game, or those books and comic books published in recent years, in order to enter the human side of the protagonist, and propose it as never before. All this history will serve to be more fully populated, elevate to a higher level, the fact of intense storytelling and emotion. For the charismatic hero is given a goal, even an enemy to defeat. And this new threat to challenge even the protagonist's choices: fight for something that feels important or a very large obiettio that raises the stakes?

This form of threat, which is only revealed in due course, adds new factors that will change the gameplay, expanding it to new features. It is in fact spoken in our podcasts the possibility of providing a new Master Chief armor, realized in part by unknown technology, capable of allowing some characters but in particular the player to perform new actions. The story will have a cinematic feel to enhance the experience of everything in the game, to instill a sense more likely than in the past, Master Chief, as the Spartans in multiplayer games, has received greater emphasis on strength, power as well as the heaviness of the armature and to the relative speed. Its structure is reminiscent in some respects the usual UNSC armor worn by soldiers, but the news there.


For the moment we can say that the team of developers focused to give an appearance that is consistent with what the player wants to feel when his alter-ego wears. The view from the helmet will be much impact, both for the shocks that are subject to the viewing angle, very similar to a jet fighter pilot. Some parts, like hands, the joints in the pelvis and the joints are more discoveries reveal leaving zones of different material, a fabric which resembles in some ways the nanosuit in Crysis, but it is a risky approach. The jet-pack should not be an accessory just because it seems that will be standard. Just as there is to understand how they are managed upgrades of weapons. Master Chief adds something to his revolver by increasing the length and width of the barrel, as we have seen in the debut trailer. Likely it will be assumed that the power-operated weapons.

halo-4_pic052 halo-4_pic053 halo-4_pic054

The game engine is still in the process of optimization and refinement, but the team ensures that everything will run at native 720p and 30fps. It is known from the few scenes in-game placed in the first "first look" a more general cleaning, and a detail of armor and weapons remarkable, with a lighting system really amazing, is likely to have used a system developed by Pixar to be exploited Turn 10 on Forza Motorsport 4. The facial animations were created using a new tool, so as to leave literally agape for accuracy in handling the various lip movements.

The same treatment has been the audio industry, with over 100 tracks sampled daily to achieve the best effect at any time. The soundtrack is recorded by an orchestra in a study in order to steal even a breath of wind and a stringed instrument.
A renewed Multiplayer

The fans want him like Halo 3. Well, the 343rd has stated that there were ecstatic about their choice to make in Reach Bungie maps in which the fight was slow and the rate of reaction, noting a desire shared with fans, or pick up the pace of Halo 3. In addition to several vehicles, well-established for years, there should be some news, including the possibility of holding them off the weapons and use them with relative weighting of the character that it can no longer jump or turn with agility. There will be the return of the Battle Rifle, also known as BR-55, the rifle loved and hated by hardcore players of the series. The management of changing shields, removing the double slash energy channeled into one. There will be no medical kit but the team has yet to reveal how this feature will be managed in detail.

Will present the Spartan IV, the new generation of UNSC soldiers, able to possess special powers to use when appropriate. 343rd never spoke of a Perks system, similar to those known to many in Call of Duty, but the team wants to put something on gmaeplay foods differently. On this we will need to know more info in the future.

halo-4_pic031 halo-4_pic032 halo-4_pic040

As mentioned before, probably even return skills in Reach known as the Armor Lock, invisibility and speed, in addition to jet-pack. As will be managed in the new context is to be seen. The speech level map design looks promising. The first two are formalized Warhouse and Wraparound.

Warhouse a map is created as an abandoned military base. At the center of the structure there is a huge Mech, which acts as a dual purpose, namely as a barrier of strokes between the two sides and from above as a hide. Do not miss opportunities to switch the side stairs battle on multiple levels.

halo-4_pic036 halo-4_pic034

Wraparound is a circular arena in which there are plans that allow vertical movements, while the lateral openings agree stakeouts cowards or circumvention. The style is that of a hyper-luxurious base on which the sun peeps creating spectacular visual effects and refraction on light armor, and some parts of the structure.

halo-4_pic019 halo-4_pic035 halo-4_pic056

The choice of the 343rd is to give players unprecedented settings, not recycled by the Campaign. There are visual effects that we appreciate in the campaign and in multiplayer and vice versa. The HUD has been revised placing a counter on the right on the score of the two factions Blue and Red, but left the radar returns to be two dimensional.

Finally a note on the playlist that should an unusual mode Blue against Red in which the two sides will clash in a battle seasoned with cutscenes that serve to turn the fight. "We are working to find a compelling reason to do that you have to fight the Reds against the Blue, "said O'Connor. This leads us to something that users have appreciated PS3 Killzone 3, or Operations. We'll know more in the future.
Final Thoughts

Obviously it is still wrapped in mystery. 343 Industries has the team wanted to provide a pretty good anticipation, but ensure that many "bombs will be dropped" before the release scheduled for Christmas 2012. The gameplay is likely to be changed just enough to stay true to the series but with some new useful to attract the audience probably not accustomed to the series. Same goes for the multiplayer segment of which we quote certainly welcome the decision to propose locations not included by the Campaign. On what platform will enjoy Halo 4? Although so far has been officially stated that the title will debut on Xbox 360, the latest trailer does not have the usual jingles final home console of Micrisoft. This suggests that Halo 4 could also debut on Xbox Next or Xbox 720 if you like, the next-generation consoles. That said, we must acknowledge that 343 Industries really all he's trying to make a very good artistically, if not superior to any previously created chapter, with the goal of doing our best every day to have created the best game possible . Follows the Halo series, recorded over the years thanks to Bungie as a voice inconfondbile, but this seems to have its own, and it is beautiful.


- A deep history

- Engine already impressive

- Maps Multiplayer are not recycled by the Campaign


- New Multiplayer in might discourage fans

- Possible introduction of enhancements in the Country

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